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John Richard Roberts

J. R. Roberts has devoted the better portion of the last three decades to helping people better understand and prevent crime.

Defined as:

"The anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk situation, and the initiation of action to remove or reduce that risk."

Crime Prevention Strategies in the hands of a capable and experienced expert can significantly reduce exposure to and risk of crime while enhancing quality of life and limiting liability.

Combining his vast and varied experience as Private Investigator, Vice-President of Citizen's Against Crime, Georgia, and his tenure as Director of Risk Management for Valor Security, Roberts brings a unique perspective to solving client challenges across the United States.

Mr. Roberts utilizes state of the art strategies in Geographic Crime Mapping, as well as advanced CPTED (Crime prevention Through Environmental Design) principles in helping his clients assess and respond to security and safety risks and concerns.

J. R. shares the benefit of his knowledge and experience by providing seminars and training (see specific details at our security training page) as well as forensic testimony and consultation in matters of premises liability.

For details of Mr. Roberts numerous security certifications and designations visit the Curriculum Vitae section of our website.

J. R. resides in Balsam, North Carolina and serves a client base that is truly national in scope.

Mr. Roberts is active with the Center for Problem Oriented Policing through the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and serves on the public safety task force for the City of Savannah and as an ad-hoc advisor on matters of crime and safety to Savannah's Mayor Dr. Otis Johnson.

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