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Extra Security Needed At Fast-Food Eateries Like Burger King
It's hard to tell if security at local fast-food restaurants has increased one year after two Burger King workers were killed in a brutal stabbing that police called a botched robbery. Franchise owners contacted by The Daily Journal declined to talk about security.

Hundreds of Security Guards Allowed To Unionize
One of the nation's largest unions and downtown Los Angeles' biggest commercial property owner settled a long-running labor dispute Tuesday, announcing a deal that would allow several hundred security guards to unionize.

Airport Security Guards Helped Load Heist Money
Two security guards helped load stolen money in last month’s heist at Johannesburg International Airport, the Kempton Park regional court heard yesterday.

Police Task Force Committee Report - Savannah, Georgia Public Safety Task Force
Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson created Police Task Force Committee as part of Savannah Public Safety Study Task Force to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD) to prevent and control crimes

Security guard to be tried for murder
Sydney security guard Karen Brown will stand trial for the shooting murder of a man who bashed and robbed her. The Rooty Hill security guard claimed she was provoked by Mr Aquilina, who allegedly bashed her over the back of the head with knuckledusters before robbing her of $45,000.

Wal-Mart Sued By Abductee's Husband
The husband of a Galivants Ferry woman is suing Wal-Mart for $10 million more than three years after two men abducted her from the parking lot of the retail giant's Conway store and killed her.

Shopping Security Set For Holidays - Shopping Mall Security
The mall will also provide additional security. Security officers, dressed in white shirts and dark pants, will be patrolling inside and in the parking lot, said Anastasia Paszkiewicz, marketing director at the mall.

Surveillance Cameras On Brown University Campus Triple
The increase at Brown is typical of higher education institutions - one security consultant said cameras are currently the number one security item for colleges and universities. In recent years, as the technology of camera systems has improved and prices have dropped, institutions have widely increased camera usage, according to several security professionals.

Security guard accused of art theft
A security guard is accused of stealing paintings from an Oyster Bay Arts Council show last November. Emerson Castaneda, 24, of 35 Lincoln Boulevard, Hempstead, was arrested Wednesday and arraigned today on a charge of grand larceny in the 3rd degree, said Nassau County police.

Women share tales of violent crime
Two women shared their innermost feelings about how violent crime affected their lives before about 100 probationers at a Lamar County Adult Probation Department meeting Tuesday.

Concealed weapons now allowed for use by courthouse officials
A bill that passed the Texas Senate on May 24 and is expected to reach Gov. Rick Perry's desk this week allows federal and municipal judges and district and county attorneys to carry guns within state and federal buildings if they have a handgun license.

US Real ID Act Targeted as BlueBear Network Teams with VisionSphere
BlueBear Network International, Inc announced today it has extended its exclusive licensing of facial recognition and secure distributed search technology from Ottawa-based VisionSphere Technologies, to offer State motor vehicle agencies the ability to link driver's license databases between all US states, Canada and Mexico, as proposed by the sweeping REAL ID Act approved by Congress this month.

Security expert to check airport staff
The report, leaked to The Australian newspaper, detailed serious security breaches and illegal activity by baggage handlers, aircrew, ramp and trolley workers, security screeners and cleaners.

4 dead, 5 injured in 2-day crime spree, Gunman then kills himself in Wal-Mart
Whelchel was described by police as having a violent background, having been charged with crimes in Indiana, Florida and California ranging from resisting arrest to battery on a peace officer.

Off-duty security guard Shooter strikes law's gray area
Police are wary of condoning Biggs' behavior, although legally Biggs may have been justified. Florida statutes allow for discharging a firearm in public provided the person is defending his life or the lives of others who are in imminent danger.

Illinois Nurses Association: Illinois Sticks Up for Healthcare Workers; HB 399 Passes Both Houses
As a result of several reported attacks on nurses by patients at mental health facilities within recent months, the Illinois Nurses Association proactively campaigned and lobbied on behalf of the nurses' rights to a reasonably safe and secure work place.

Jail fight called bid for `easy money'
A former Cook County Jail inmate testified Tuesday that fellow detainees, led by Nathson Fields, asked him to join them in their plan to start a fight with jail guards so they could sue the county and win "easy money."

Florida security officers can soon upgrade firepower
Advocates say semiautomatics are more accurate because there is less recoil when a shot is fired and the grip is more ergonomic. The guns can also be reloaded much faster. Continuity is another cited justification. Many security officers enter the field from the military, where they are trained to use semiautomatics, such as a 9mm.

Hothead or felon: Can we see the line?
Long before he was arrested, accused of driving over to the high school and shooting his son's football coach in the stomach, Jeffrey Doyle Robertson was the town hothead, notorious for his temper. He had been ejected from baseball games for screaming at officials. He was banned from the school for shoving his son's teammates around.

Tucsonan busted in $3 million shoplifting racket
A 49-year-old woman who Tucson police say masterminded a professional shoplifting racket responsible for more than $3 million in retail thefts the past five years has been arrested, officials said Thursday.

Westridge gathers panel to discuss safety in schools
The 85 students who questioned panelists about security measures in schools might have hoped to hear that see-through lockers or high-tech camera equipment was the answer to school shootings. Instead, panelists said it's all about students alerting adults to strange or scary behavior in fellow students.

'Stop Snitchin' shirts have people talking for different reasons in city
Coming on the heels of the Stop Snitching DVD that began circulating in Baltimore last year, the T-shirts are disheartening to those who say they aggravate an already chronic problem of witness intimidation.

GANGS IN GREELEY: Living in a gang neighborhood
Fear that racks people who live in areas with pronounced gang problems goes beyond the gunshots and graffiti. They are afraid of how the neighborhood will influence their kids, and for good reason.

Restraining order forbids man from harassing county attorney
After a court hearing Friday about Kifer's behavior, a judge signed a workplace-violence protective order forbidding Kifer from harassing, threatening or stalking County Attorney Ted Ziemer.

Popularity of using rental cars in crimes continues
Over the past several years, car rental companies and law enforcement agencies have watched the growing trend of people using rental vehicles during the commission of crimes.

School security 1st on agenda at Diego convention
Leading a workshop that kicked off a National School Boards Association convention in San Diego yesterday, security consultant Ken Trump said campus safety cannot take a back seat to budget woes and pressure to raise test scores.

Security guard fired, charged in Wilkinsburg High School gun incident
A security guard assigned to Wilkinsburg High School for more than a decade has been fired and charged because she failed to detain a teen who brought a gun to school in a jacket pocket.

Security Guard Caught Using Kinko's Computers To View Child Porn
A security guard for an Orange County apartment complex is under arrest after employees at an Orlando Kinko's caught him using their computers to look at child porn.

No Child Left Behind not working to combat school violence
The states set the threshold high. To be labeled persistently dangerous, the crimes at the school not only have to be severe but also widespread and repeated year after year.

WSAV Becomes Victim of Crime
The WSAV-TV parking lot looks secure. We have a high green fence topped with barbed wire and a gate that requires special codes to open. But all these measures don’t impress security expert J. R. Roberts. “People get a false sense of security.

Survey takes dim view of lighting
A year after the Greater Towson Committee called attention to a situation that its chairman says discourages safety-conscious shoppers, county officials have completed a survey of lighting conditions downtown.

Police arrest two they say behind bloody crime spree
David Nelson, 25, a manager at Foot Locker at the Southland Mall, who was robbed April 1 as he made a night deposit at a nearby Regions Bank. He has three young children. He was shot once through the back.

Man expected to testify about alleged excessive force
Throughout his career, Bittinger has been cleared of wrongdoing in several controversial incidents. One of the most recent episodes occurred when he ran over a man he was trying to arrest.

Plaintiff Recovery Probability in Personal Injury Cases Holds Steady
The 53-page study of personal-injury jury awards also reported that the compensatory jury-award median for premises-liability cases was down considerably from $156,398 in 2002 to $90,055 in 2003.

The Six Things You Need to Know About Executive Protection
The threats facing an executive vary widely depending on the size of the company, the industry it belongs to and the individual executive's profile. CSOs in oft-targeted sectors such as the financial services, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and those with executives based overseas, worry about kidnapping, carjacking, mail-borne explosives, biological agents and ecoterrorism.

Ross' threats not heeded - Legal system was unfazed by repeated `warnings' of Lefkow killer
Some legal authorities now recognize that, cumulatively, Ross had indeed given them an indication of where he was headed. They say their struggle is how to sort out the few who would carry out violence from the many who threaten it.

Bill would allow freer use of deadly force
The Florida Senate passed a bill 38-0 Wednesday that removes the legal expectation that a person should back down or run away in face of a serious threat. They can open fire without fear of criminal charges or civil liability. The bill also enshrines the castle doctrine, or the right to defend a home against an intruder, in state law. It extends the castle doctrine to the automobile so drivers can shoot carjackers.

Woman shot in head near Miami Lakes movie theater dies
A Hialeah woman has died from a gunshot wound received Wednesday night after she was shot in the head while walking in the parking lot of a busy Main Street movie theater last night

Property Crime On The Rise, But Violence Is Down In Riverbank
There was just one homicide, compared to none in 2003. That was the case of Martin Leon, who was shot down in his Crossroads driveway while leaving for work. His wife and three men were recently arrested and charged with collaborating in his murder.

Highland shop clerk clings to life
The steel doors rolled down over a neighborhood store Thursday morning, closing a chapter on a heart-wrenching saga in which two men gunned down the benevolent owner and his longtime clerk in cold blood.

Shooting, Missteps Mar Atlanta Georgia's Image
Among the missteps: A surveillance camera that recorded images of a rape suspect overpowering a petite deputy and taking her gun was not monitored even as he allegedly entered a courtroom and gunned down a judge and a court reporter.

Issues to consider when implementing an employee monitoring program
There are many good business reasons to monitor employee communications. These reasons include measuring productivity, maintaining confidentiality, and limiting employer liability for employee misconduct. Some employers want to measure employee output or assess the quality of customer contacts, particularly by telephone and e-mail. Many also monitor to ensure their communications systems are being used according to policy and are not compromised by viruses or inappropriate personal use.

Plaza cracks down on loitering youths
Complaints from residents that the loitering teens are intimidating and disrespectful -- blocking traffic and entrances, loudly using profanities and fighting -- spurred the city and the center's private security patrol to deal more aggressively with troublemakers. A disruptive teen will be banned from the center and arrested for returning under the new policy.

Gambling with security - social engineering
Whurley's audit task was to get into the casino's offices, take time-stamped digital photos of himself in places he shouldn't be, and then install a wireless access point so he could remotely hack into their systems.

Ashkelon high schools keep students under camera watch
Cameras installed in Ashkelon high schools are helping their administrators deal with violence among the pupils and incidents of theft on school grounds.

Identity thieves find ways to target patients
Hospital patients are vulnerable in part because they are unlikely to detect anything amiss. Some may never leave the hospital. A team of alleged identity thieves arrested in 2003 in New Jersey were targeting the terminally ill, according to police.

Former policeman denied shorter attempted homicide sentence
Getter was convicted of attempted homicide in December 2002. Witnesses testified that the 10-year Doylestown Township police veteran became enraged because Harrison broke off their two-year relationship and started dating another man.

Pregnant women risk murder in US
Murder is a surprisingly common cause of death among pregnant women in the United States, US government researchers reported. Black women are especially vulnerable to being killed while pregnant, the team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Terrorists' use of Internet spreads
In dozens of incidents the past few months, groups linked to terrorism have stolen credit card numbers over the Internet, laundered money and hijacked Web sites, security experts say.

Myriad options for securing your home
With the variety of products available, it can be a challenge for a security-conscious apartment resident to find the most effective and affordable safety tools.

Across the table - Bullying, violence and the workplace
In a few cases, the harassment escalates and the employee violently releases his or her frustration in the workplace. This was the case of an Ottawa bus driver, Pierre Lebrun, who on April 6, 1999 brought a hunting rifle to the maintenance yard and killed four colleagues and himself after several months of teasing about his speech impediment.

Killing in Towson Puts New Spotlight on Security at Mall
The shooting death of William Bassett, the dean of faculty at St. Paul's School in Brooklandville, brought renewed attention to safety issues at one of Baltimore County's retail store anchors and prime shopper gathering spots. It was the second killing at the Towson shopping mall since 2002.

Mobile Identifier Facial Recognition System Successfully Deployed by LAPD to Improve Neighborhood Safety
Officers of LAPD's Rampart Division gang unit have deployed the Mobile Identifier field identification system as a highly effective tool for remote identity verification. The system, which provides accurate identity verification of a subject's background on the spot within seconds, has been used by Rampart officers to make more than 20 gang-related arrests in late 2004.

Workplace Violence Carries Heavy Cost
According to the Workplace Violence Research Institute, workplace violence often hits companies in three areas: Costly lawsuits submitted by the survivors of the victims, and those who were directly affected by the incident. Not only does an affected company lose the skills of the killed or injured workers, but also work is interrupted by police and internal security investigations and by workers' trips to counseling sessions.

New Law Requires Security Guards In State To Get Certification
A new state law requires all security officers -- whether they work for private security firms or for companies that employ their own security guards -- to pass an eight-hour certification course, register with the state and undergo a nationwide criminal background check.

Security firms have their eyes, cards, cameras on you
Security is no longer a luxury to many businesses. With theft costing U.S. employers billions of dollars a year, and assaults and threats of violence against Americans at work numbering about 2 million cases a year, workplace security has emerged as a key concern of companies seeking to protect their employees, assets and data.

School guard fired for using security camera to watch cheerleaders
School officials have fired a security guard who they say used a surveillance camera to watch cheerleaders practice. Dean Spencer, a retired police officer from Upper Township, said he and his union will challenge his dismissal from Ocean City High School.

Woman opens fire outside local mall, wounding two men
A woman opened fire outside a Shreveport mall Friday night, wounding two men, including the longtime boyfriend with whom she was fighting because he was not watching the couple's children, police said.

Apartment Residents Decry Crime
Students living in Courtyard want more security. When a crime alert went out last week detailing two robberies within 500 yards of her apartment, University Courtyard resident Lindsay Hughes didn’t bat an eyelash.

Delayed Criminal Background Checks Are Dilemma For Schools
A backlog on processing criminal background checks at the Missouri State Highway Patrol has forced school districts to hire teachers and other workers without waiting for the results. The background checks are required for any school employees that have contact with children, from teachers to cooks to janitors. Employees are required to submit fingerprints, which the patrol sends to the FBI for checks against national criminal records

Local eBay seller has money, ID stolen online in Nigerian bank check scam
Hahn received an e-mail offer in October from someone who called himself "Terry Ray," an auto agent based in Nigeria. He said he wanted to buy the 1982 Honda CM-250 motorcycle Hahn posted on eBay. They had telephone and e-mail conversations about the sale. Ray persuaded Hahn to bypass using eBay's PayPal system--a free, secure service to ensure safe transactions.

Rapist was a repeat sex offender working as a Comcast cable TV installer
A former cable television installer with a history of sex crimes was sentenced to 37 years in prison Friday for raping a developmentally disabled Carmichael woman while working in her neighborhood.

Personal Information of 15,790 University of Northern Colorado Employees Missing
Former University of Northern Colorado employee Diana Tasciotti was upset when she found out Thursday she was at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft due to a missing computer hard drive. On Thursday, UNC announced the missing hard drive contained the personal information of 15,790 UNC employees dating back to April 1997.

Prison for security guard - Girl assaulted, forced to drink liquor
Two security guards accused of illegally holding four teenagers for hours in a supermarket back office, forcing them to drink liquor and assaulting one boy and molesting a girl entered no contest pleas Tuesday to child abuse charges.

Disney security guard arrested in murder-for-hire plot
A Walt Disney World security guard has been charged with paying a former convict and gun dealer to kill his wife's ex-husband, authorities said.

Hospital killing focuses security concerns
Hospitals, being places that help people get better, traditionally haven't given much thought to stopping others from coming in to do harm. But Friday's killing of Janice Marie Hollis at the University of South Alabama Medical Center was another example of the steady trickle of violent incidents that hospitals nationwide have confronted.

Retail Theft and Inventory Shrinkage
Inventory shrinkage, a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error, cost United States retailers over $31 billion last year according to the latest National Retail Security Survey report on retail theft, which analyzed theft incidents from 118 of the largest U.S. retail chains.

Survivor of sadistic rape sues attackers
Now the 21-year-old rape survivor wants to send a message to parents and apartment complexes. Thompson has sued, seeking damages from her attackers, their parents, the apartment complex where the crimes occurred and its parent company.

Video shows details of Taser incident at LAX
Criticism intensifies over the arrest that involved an airport police sergeant shocking a 78-year-old man after he resisted being handcuffed. A videotape released Thursday appears to show that an elderly man was resisting attempts to handcuff him but not fighting with officers right before a Los Angeles International Airport police sergeant shocked him with a 50,000-volt Taser last month.

Lethal force program debuts in Mankato
A new program designed to train police officers to avoid lethal confrontation debuted Thursday in Mankato. It's known as the MILO Training and Presentation System and for the first time researchers and police departments will be able to directly interact with simulated confrontations.

With The Highest Murder Rate In The U.S., Puerto Rico Needs Immediate Solutions
With 60% of murders linked to illegal drugs, the answer to reducing crime lies in improving police education and technology and improving social deficiencies leading to drug traffic and use.

Deputy arrested in stalking, '96 killing
Sheriff's Deputy Charles Maye was a busy man, doing more than just patrolling his beat, officials said. Instead, he played a role in a relentless stalking of his friend's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend - a man who was later shot and killed, officials said.

Police: Robbers followed victims home
Some north Charlotte residents are concerned about recent crimes that involved some careful and calculating robbers. Police reports say that on three separate occasions, two men targeted women who were traveling alone. The men, driving in a green pickup truck, followed the women home and then robbed them.

Woman arrested in mall attack
A distinctive champagne-glass tattoo and the keen eyes of Marshall Field’s shoppers led to the arrest Thursday of a serial shoplifter suspected of stabbing two women during a botched fur coat heist in Woodfield Shopping Center in October.

Academy raises bar for training
Police work can be very dangerous and stressful. In addition to the obvious dangers of confronting criminals, officers need to remain alert and ready to deal appropriately with a number of threatening situations - especially on military installations.

Estate of Clerk Sues Convenience Store Chain over Lack of Security
The family of a convenience store clerk who was killed while working the graveyard shift at a store here is suing Allsup's Convenience Stores Inc. "As a direct and proximate result of Allsup's willful and intentional acts and omissions, Elizabeth Garcia was abducted, raped and murdered. Her children were left motherless and her estate suffered damages,'' the lawsuit said.

Protest Over Homeland Security U Certificate Program
While those who proposed the program argue that it will offer BMCC students sought-after skills to help them find jobs in the security industry, critics say the program is an oppressive outgrowth of the Department of Homeland Security.

Security Guard Arrested In Md. Arson Case
Federal prosecutors are confirming the arrest of a security guard in connection with arson fires that ravaged a new housing development in suburban Washington D.C.

Max Hayes High School Security Guard Accused of Raping 2 Girls
Police records show Davis has been charged with nine crimes since 1990, including robbery, assault, domestic violence, criminal damaging and vandalism.

Workers and Employers Square Off Over Guns
Employers have long banned guns from the workplace as part of a violence-prevention strategy, but those policies are being tested as states pass laws making it easier for residents to carry concealed guns -- in some cases, crafting legislation that strikes down employers' attempts to keep guns off company property.

Workplace Violence Slashing Suspect Talked Of Respect
Experts who have studied violence in workplaces, in offices, factories and other public places said, however, that such acts typically are quite purposeful, at least in the mind of the attacker, and the result of frustrations that often have simmered for some time.

Teenagers sentenced for Simi hate crime
Lofton, 16, of Simi Valley was one of four teenagers accused in the Dec. 6 beating of King, 17, of Reseda. King was selling newspaper subscriptions at a Simi Valley shopping center at the time. He suffered cuts, bruises and a dislocated knee in the attack.

Caribou episode raises awareness to workplace violence in Maine
The death of a coffee shop employee in Caribou will likely be used by businesses and state agencies to examine whether there were any warning signs and whether the victim’s death could have been prevented.

Two shootings spark investigation of NHPD's use of force
The general idea of the training is that police officers faced with somebody who is obviously psychotic should set up a perimeter to keep other people away and out of danger, and not try to get close to the person

Teen hit guard two days before death: inquiry
Young was in shackles and handcuffs and was being escorted by two guards. There were reports of a scuffle when the elevator door opened and the teen plunged to his death.

In wake of $600G Macy's settlement, minority shoppers say they're tired of being profiled
Sheila Leslie is a retired New York City police detective, yet she sometimes finds herself on the other side of the security equation: treated with suspicion by sales staff when she's out shopping.

Electronic security system too costly for Flagstaff Unified School District
Over the winter break, four boys were caught for vandalizing CHS. They caused $30,000 to $50,000 in damage as estimated by the CHS principal. The district has considered paying employees overtime during breaks, rather than hiring a security firm, to act as security for the buildings.

Cyber-crime and punishment: Nefarious characters roam the wild, wild Web
As of July 2004, there were 201.6 million Internet users in the United States, according to Nielsen Ratings service, about 69 percent of the U.S. population. But security experts warn Internet users that cyber-bad guys - hackers, crackers and con artists - are lurking in the virtual shadows to find a "back door" into unsuspecting users' computer systems.

For Retailers: Common Sense Closing Procedures
The May 2000 massacre of Wendy's employees in Queens, N.Y., that left five employees dead and two seriously injured and in which the robbers also stole the surveillance tape, illustrated the dangers that retail employees face every day. While most retail workers go to work and come home unscathed, a surprising number of violent crimes do occur in retail establishments.

Fight vs. shoplifters goes high-tech
Digital video recording devices and radio-frequency emitters are among the new technologies helping retailers as they try to decrease shoplifting, which results in an estimated tens of billions of dollars a year in losses.


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