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Suggested Reading for the Crime Prevention Practitioner

Policing Problem Places: Crime Hot Spots and Effective Prevention
Anthony A. Braga/ David L. Weisburd

Highly Recommended: David M. Kennedy's smart new book, Don't Shoot: One man. A street fellowship, and the end of violence in inner-city America

Read Greg Saville's wonderful and informative blog:

The Death and Life of the Great American Cities Jane Jacobs

Defensible Space Oscar Newman

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Timothy D. Crowe

Fixing Broken Windows: Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in Our Communities Kelling/Coles

Environmental Criminolgy Paul & Patrica Brantingham

The Compstat Paradigm: Management Accountability in Policing, Business and the Public Sector Vincent E. Henry

Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis Wortley & Mazerolle

Center For Problem-Oriented Policing
The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing is a non-profit organization comprising affiliated police practitioners, researchers, and universities dedicated to the advancement of problem-oriented policing. What this means is that rather than just keep treating the symptoms of a problem, the underlying causes are determined to try and reduce or eliminate the need for continual policing and enforcement. In this way both crime and the expense of policing may be reduced.

A copy of the final report and findings of the Savannah Police Task Force

Violence In The Workplace
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
This document reviews what is known about fatal and nonfatal violence in the workplace to determine the focus needed for violence prevention and research. The document also summarizes issues to be addressed when dealing with workplace violence in various settings such as offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, convenience stores, and taxicabs.

Violence is a substantial contributor to occupational injury and death, and homicide has become the second leading cause of occupational injury death. Each week, an average of 20 workers are murdered and 18,000 are assaulted while at work or on duty. Nonfatal assaults result in millions of lost workdays and cost workers millions of dollars in lost wages.




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