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J. R. Roberts offers the benefit of over 35 years of practical experience in a number of seminars and training programs:

Shoplifting Prevention and Employee Theft

Each year retail businesses both large and small suffer staggering losses through "shrinkage" taking the form of shoplifting, employee and vendor theft.
Mr. Roberts offers valuable insight and practical strategies to reduce these losses.

• Popular Methods of Shoplifting
• Profile of Types of Shoplifters
• Designing Out Shoplifting
• Responding to Suspected Shoplifters
• Legal "Do's and Don'ts"

This program is perfect for all associates to attend and benefit from.

The "Employee Theft" Program is intended for retail management and addresses such issues as:

• Pre-Employment Screening
• Identifying Behavioral Changes
• Post Incident Response and Investigations

CPTED and Broken Windows

The connection between our surroundings, our environment, and our behavior is pronounced.

Anticipating and reducing opportunities for criminal behavior can improve performance, increase productivity, lengthen "atpv" (average time per visit) from consumers and significantly reduce your exposure to lawsuits in the event of a crime on your property.

Defined as: "The proper design and effective use of the built environment to reduce crime and enhance quality of life" Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design has been used for well over three decades by architects, city planners, and law enforcement.

J. R. Roberts helps you understand and implement both overt and subtle tactics that will send very strong positive signals to "legitimate users" of your space, while making your environment unattractive to criminals.

Informative and innovative strategies you can use.



COMPSTAT and Private Security: Winning Strategies for the 21st Century

This program is intended for private security companies that seek to significantly enhance their performance and effectiveness.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or Crime Mapping, together with an overview of COMPSTATS and advanced problem solving skill sets are addressed and reviewed.


Premises Liability: Understanding Negligent and Inadequate Security

Civil lawsuits filed against a property owner or manager for a crime on their premises are among the fastest growing forms of civil litigation in America.

The average settlement for such claims is in excess of half a million dollars and the average jury award is a little over 1.5 million.

Whether you own and operate an apartment complex, convenience store, mall, motel, or parking lot, this seminar is a must in helping you better understand your risk.

• The difference between "Pure Risk" and "Dynamic Risk"
• Public Record Review
• Threat Assessment
• Documentation

J. R. Roberts has been retained as an expert witness either for plaintiff or defendant
in over 200 civil actions involving negligent or inadequate security and issues of
criminal "foreseeability"

The strategies for recognizing and responding to risk are invaluable in helping you
reduce the risk of crime and subsequent civil action.
This seminar may prove to be the most important investment you ever make.

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Feedback and Comments from Seminar Attendees:

"I saw your lecture at the POP conference and thought it was fantastic! Great information. Thank you so much for your help."

Representative, Madison Wisconsin Police Department

"I really enjoyed your presentation. This information was a great help to us. Thank you so much."

Representative, City of Olympia Washington Police Department

"I have attended these conferences for the last three years. Your lecture was hands down the best I have heard. Your passion and expertise was remarkable and the information so useful. Thanks."

Representative, Halton City Texas Police Department

"I very much enjoyed facilitating your presentations. They were extremely interesting and useful"

Dr. John Eck, University of Cincinnati Ohio

"Your sessions were terrific and so well received. We really appreciate your contributions to the Problem oriented Policing Conference."

Rana Sampson
Police and Crime Consultant
San Diego, California


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