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Amal's Convenience Store - Savannah, Georgia

"After hearing hours of testimony and examining all available data on the subject of at-risk businesses and crime, this office has concluded that convenience stores often pose an unnecessarily unsafe condition, placing both employees and shoppers in needless jeopardy and exacting a largely immeasurable cost to our society"

Robert Butterworth, Attorney General of the State of Florida, January 1991

Amal's Convenience Store in Savannah Georgia had a problem.
Twice in two weeks the store had been robbed at gun-point and in the middle of the day.

Sadly, three weeks after this television segment aired, the owner of Amal's was shot and killed.

None of the comprehensive security strategies suggested had been implemented.
In fact, the video tape which filmed the brutal homicide, was of such poor quality, that not even the race of the perpetrator could be determined.

The killer is still at large.

In 1992, the State of Florida passed (over the objections of the convenience store industry) The Convenience Business Security Act which mandated security devices and standards.

Over a four year period, armed robberies were reduced by almost 25% (600 fewer incidents).

According to a United States Government study of occupational fatalities, a convenience store clerk is more likely to be killed on the job than a police officer.

The Occupational Safety and health Administration has posted suggested guidelines for "at risk" retail facilities like convenience stores, but many continue to ignore them.

Responsible owners and operators of convenience stores owe a duty of care to themselves, their employees, and their customers to take reasonable steps to reduce the likelihood of crime and violence at their premises.

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