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Contextual Criteria in the Evaluation of Criminal Foreseeability *NEW*
Recognizing that every crime is unique and that every environment in which that crime occurs is distinctive, a consistent approach in assessing and distinguishing between pure risk and dynamic risk utilizing the simple and pragmatic methodology as outlined in this abstract, should assist professionals and non-professionals alike in forming opinions. PDF .doc

R.A.T. Catcher: Crime Prevention and the Routine Activity Theory

This article explains how lab theory can be put into practical application to help prevent crime by environmental changes that disrupt criminal patterns. Ways that potential crimes can be predicted from past activity are also discussed.
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"Amigo Shopping"
On the Streets of America - Terrible Violence Against the Voiceless

JR Roberts describes conditions for those living in "Harmony Village" who were subjected to assaults, shooting, and robberies, as gangs roamed the property and victimized the residents. A pandemic of violent street robberies against portions of the US Hispanic population has been rising over the past 10 years.
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Of Crime and Place:
Practical Applications in Environmental Criminology

Security Strategist J R Roberts examines recent in-depth connections between crime and place, and offers practical in- sight to the crime prevention practitioner in reducing crime through a better understanding of Environmental Criminology.
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Ethics and the Testifying Expert

When a law firm opted to retain another expert that they felt had more practical experience and a better rounded background, what did the first expert do? He approached the firm representing the other side, was retained by them, and subsequently gave testimony under oath, directly contradicting his previous opinions. - PDF version


Litigation Support Articles

Six Steps to Successfully Sabotage Your Expert Witness
This article describes the main points that allow you to make the best use of your expert witness. PDF Version


Airport Security

Why One Security Expert Chooses NOT to Fly
Like most Americans, I have watched with increasing alarm and dismay the disjointed, draconian and ineffective "security" measures put in place by the inept powers to be at the TSA. Unlike most Americans, I have spent the last 35 years of my adult life training security personnel and assessing security weakness and vulnerabilities across the United States and for a wide variety of environments. The TSA continues to ignore the advice of experienced security experts like Rafi Ron with a proven track record for making airports and airliners safe and secure.
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Parking Lot Security

Target: Wal-Mart
J. R. Roberts interviews a serial Wal-Mart criminal and discovers why Wal-Mart parking lots were both a refuge and killer's hunting ground of choice for theft, rape, and murder. PDF Version


Security Guard Articles

Who Will Guard The Guards?
Only a small percentage of security guard companies go to the expense of administering pre-employment screening tests to identify suitability for the job, often employing people who may have behavioral issues which place clients at risk. PDF Version


Convenience Store Security

You Want Fries with that Knuckle Sandwich?
A parallel between fast food chains and convenience stores is obvious. Often referred to as "stop and robs", the convenience store industry continues to be an exceedingly "high risk" target for criminal opportunity. Recent changes and growth in the fast food industry however, are placing that business at an increasingly higher risk. PDF Version


Industry Standards Of Care

In-Decent and Un-Safe
The failure of the facility to meet and maintain a reasonable standard of care specific to the population they served, resulted in a tragic and unnecessary death. PDF Version


Workplace Violence Articles

Case One: "Floria"
Rather than terminate the pharmacist, this company chose to engage in a practice all too common in many corporations. They simply began to transfer the problem employee from store to store. PDF Version

Case Two: "Mindy"
Neither Mindy, nor her manager discussed or considered phoning the police. Something about the incident haunted Mindy, and still later in the evening she again spoke with a friend. PDF Version

Case Three: "Darryl"
This case is included in this collection, because the wrongful death of "Darryl" was a direct result of the actions of negligent and reckless company employees.
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